Friday, March 6, 2015

Police Spotted

  So today marks a new era. Not only are Lynna Lai's henchmen  the local police following me  here in Texas. They've been following me so much they know my schedule before I even get to my destination. For example I was going to a restaurant mickey d's of course and before I get there; there go the local police sitting there (two cars) as if they were waiting for me. Also how about the time just yesterday when car 1776  i believe was sitting outside the greyhound while i stepped off the bus. Oh whats wrong with this blogger he doesn't like cops or he doesn't like their continual appearance? Of course its because of the blog but Im willing to bet they would continue to follow me even if I didn't write.

  My question is whose being robbed or raped or killed because i'm top priority when it comes to the local pd it seems like. I said this before if I was a police officer I would do favors for the anchor too but is my blog that offensive? Some would say it's the great anchors family thats doing this. What am I suppose to do blame a private citizen.  if we start blaming people in the great anchors private life during this lynnamental saga it will turn into a whole new world.  Therefore lets suggest the public figure like we've always suggested. Don't get me wrong If I see a car and the person in the car looks like the great ones husband with a license that says lailai and it hits me I'll probably write about it. but other  than that lets keep that conspiracy under the paper.

 That being said the great anchor probably did put them up to posting in my regular places where i go or have been going. Have I been appearing where the great anchor is? Does she think that because i watch her on WKYC its the same as stalking her therefore she fills vindicated when she puts on a police hunt. Maybe the a persuasive anchor feels like she owes me one because every since lynnaluvers the government has been following her. Maybe the police presence is saying leave the state or city. Its the modern day burning cross (we're in the south)! Maybe the police don't like the fact that I think a east Asian anchor is the best at what she does and because of that they feel obligated to appear at my regular stops. Was lynnaluvers worth all this; ask me when I'm dead!

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