Friday, March 13, 2015

Train Assumptions

 As the flashlight was shining  I heard " you can't be here you have to move""! Ok I'm moving I said as I got up  from around the train tracks  as I was walking and the police  behind me  he said you can sleep  anywhere but here by the train tracks.  I'm pass the question on how  they knew where I was ; the question is why. Also why was the officers name covered  with a traffic vest? Was the officers last name Lai or associated with someone whose associated with Lynna Lai?

  Maybe they had cameras on the train tracks , maybe the train conductor called the police  when he saw me or maybe someone who works for Lynna Lai or Brian Duffy  and when I sat down  they called the city of in texas police dept.  We can pretend and say it was about safety. even his vest could be excused for safety reasons but we all know theres a underlining reason the police appeared last night while I was by the train tracks.  Whats the real reason he had his name hidden with the vest was it because the blogger is anonymous?  Whats the real reason the police officer was on the train tracks while I was sleep? was it because I wrote "Officers Again"?   Is it believable that Lynna Lai and Brian Duffy  are paying the local police under the table  to harass the kid into more delusion?

   Perhaps  the police officers that are following me are gay  and  they are following me because they've read my anti-gay articles in lynnaluvers. if they are trying to prove something what are they trying to prove and who are they trying to prove it to? are the local police trying to prove something to other city police officers? Could it be they are trying to prove they can police me better than other cities ive been in? what if their in competition with Chicago?

  How far will the local police go to prove something? Even if I was on the train tracks that doesn't mean I deserve attention? How man people are on a chemical train track and local police don't tell them to get off the track? How many people are going to get hit by the train called death and it could of been avoided if local police would have paid more attention to them than me. Maybe they read youtube happiness a few days ago and assumed i was so unhappy that I was going to jump in front of a train. This afternoon i saw a sign that read " THE WICKED GET NO REST" . Maybe someone got them to believe that Im wicked therefore I don't deserve any rest. Maybe they're wicked and since they don't get any rest they think I don't deserve any rest. 

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