Sunday, February 22, 2015

McDonalds Bathroom Story

So  today I went  to Mcdonalds  to see how or who got put in the mediaor what the media was talking about and if it had anything to do with the great anchor. Before I continue lets start an hour before the Mcdonalds sceene  where I went to 7 eleven.

   So I went inside 7 eleven  to get some coffee  and like 5-7 Asian American Males  appear. No big deal  right it is a college town and east Asians do influence colleges during this time. Yet I'm a lynnamental blogger and I just got finished writing Coincidence / Conspiracy 15 hrs prier. They bought a few things at 7 eleven they laughed and some were speaking different languages . Typical college behavior; to the naked eye.

 Now back  to the McDonalds where I'm looking  at things online that are associated with the great anchor(before I start let me say this place is a homeless haven and the staff is like 90% mexican with cross dressers as their staff). I'm finishing up  going to the bathroom  and a guy follows me in the bathroom seconds later. I could sense something was wrong  so I tell him I'm going to be in the stall for a minute. Theres no answer. 5 minutes later  and he's still standing by the stall . I tell him hey theres a 7 eleven across the street , I'm going to be in here for a while.  He says just take a "expletive"  (says it in a angry tone). another 2 minutes pass the guy is still waiting  by the stall . People are coming  in and out and  he starts saying " Yeah I don't know what he's doing in there" as I f I'm doing something illegal (Speaking of illegal there was ms13 written on the wall which is ironic seeing that Mcdonalds has a ISIS program).

   He starts yelling  HEY IT DOESN'T TAKE THAT LONG  TO TAKE A "EXPLETIVE" I tell him I spent money in the restaurant I ve got the right to take a  "expletive " in peace don't rush me. I tell him its not normal for him to rush someone in a public stall (I used to hate normalcy during lynnaluvers days).  he says it's not normal that Im in there for so long! To make the story short  he leaves the bathroom yelling something to the cashier  before the door shuts.  I come out of the bath room with the video cam and ask him was he the guy that was rushing me?  He states very calmly " is there anyone in the bathroom I tell him no he leaps up and heads to the bathroom. he was still in there as I was writing this.  The cashier looks at me strangely which verified the guy  bad mouthed me.

 Now am I wrong  to take a pic of the guy? Am I wrong that I didn't hurry out of the bathroom? Was I doing anything illegal in there? Did Lynna Lai put him up to it or did a police officer that Lynna Lai hire put him up on the task?
  We live in a age where people just don't care. I mean who rushes a stranger  in a public stall? Now if someone is that careless shouldn't someone  care enough to document the persons image? I mean 7 eleven does it in their bathrooms on 15th.  He talked as if he had ties with the local police. Did they coach him into rushing me or maybe a Muslim persuaded him to do it seeing that I just finished an article about Muslims hacking my computer. Maybe the great anchor wants to program me into the habit of rushing in the stall like in prisons. Maybe she has planned or orchestrated me to end in Prison and just creating a prison like atmosphere. Maybe she thinks I blog like a kid therefore I should get rushed like a kid. Maybe this guy saw me watching Lynna Lai vids and thought since I was going to the bathroom I was going to the masters.

  I'm willing to bet the great anchor did put some authority figures up to it  or maybe my articles have sparked anger in the police force down here and it has sparked them to hire homeless guys to harass the blogger.  Maybe I'm just Lynnamental and the guy  really had to go. Last but not least a movie came out called DUFF. Maybe the great anchors old co anchor is upset with the movie or getting too much attention and taking it out on the lynnamental. Maybe everyone's lynnamental!

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