Saturday, March 21, 2015

The restaurant story pt2 : Police Money Marijauna

   Now I'm extremely ,happy that the police officers make a substantial amount of money, I'm also happy that the great news anchor  Lynna and Duffy make good sums of money. I see it as people  accepted by society and being rewarded for their knowledge. Who doesn't want someone to provide for their family right! It would be unamerican. Matter of fact I hope they get triple what they make now then maybe i won't be followed as much.(just lst night after work again had grey scion,black car and yellow cab almost hit me and a block later two cops sitting at a parking lot)The issue comes to effect that their lifestyle has tainted their view of mine. Maybe the police officers video recorded me to verify that I work but also to condemn my lifestyle and how i sleep or how I eat or bathe as a homeless civilian.  My whole thing is if they condemn me  and say I'm a pansy because i make over 9 grand a year  and don't send money to the kid! Lets see how the pioneer anchor and the police those who I believe that were put up to follow me. Lets see how they make choices on what they eat and how they stayed out of the elements if they had only 10 grand to survive off. Lets see how they make choices if their kids and or family were taken away . How would they respond to being homeless if they didn't have a badge or a license to kill and discredit. . What if they lost their minds or were put in a strange land without any associates to help. Would they be incredible stewarts of the money they work for?  Its easy to say pay your kid and suffer when you have a house have the kid in your custody and things are good but it's not that easy when  everything that you touch is a calamity. Maybe they think I shouldn't sleep by the train tracks if I make 10 grand a year. Maybe they think I should live in a homeless shelter or maybe they believe I deserve to live in a homeless shelter considering how my house was. A homeless shelter which is flooded with dug addicts,alcoholics,sex offenders,homosexuals. Maybe the police that are following me are homosexuals and they want me in the homeless shelter so they can hire someone to take pics of me while I shower. Which answers the question why theres always a black guy looking at me in the shower when ever I do use their facilities. Maybe their hired homos. Some would say hey stop crying the Mexicans pay for their kids all the time. The Mexicans have had a different upbringing. Most Mexicans have a pro family attitude because they weren't born with american ideals. The American ideal is anti-family hence why theirs alot less black families together than Mexican. Not to mention its's hard to support your kid seeing that if you do the powers that be might see that I have feeling for the kid and have them killed. if you have feelings for something and the government is against you their going to have that person you care for killed or  suffer.

 Maybe the SUV that was sitting in the parking lot was hired by the police or my employer and maybe my employer was hired by Lynna Lai and or Lynna Lai's cohorts. Maybe they read my blog about the silver cars and thought the SUV sitting out side would be hilarious. Maybe the police sitting outside thought it would be funny Maybe the silver SUV that was sitting outside was documenting me. Maybe the SUV is the police's back up plan or maybe its their witness.

 I know it's nothing I can do with the police following me, but am I suppose to let that ride over? If one keeps letting occurrences happen without documenting it , one day one might regret it. Am i suppose to regret that I don't work under the table or make money illegally. I know theres people that might want me to do illegal things to make money wouldn't that help discredit the kid. Maybe the police ,Lynna, and Brian are drug dealers  ex drug  dealers or buy cocaine from cocaine suppliers or weed suppliers and  when they read my blog they sense that I'm not one of them. Why would they want me to be one of them? The great one did promote  marijuana the other day. Maybe the following is all because i write as if I don't break rules or laws and because of that;police want to catch me breaking them even if its far fetched. Who Knows. I will say this if they legalize marijuana  they should legalize a anti-following law for bloggers.

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