Thursday, March 12, 2015

Officers Again

 Not even 24hrs  after I write youtube happiness and talk about how unhappy  I am even though police weren't stalking me like usual yesterday morning. As soon as I step outside that night the police were circling me again. Is it fair to say the police in town do read my blog?But how, when I don't advertise it? Did my last few article gain their attention or have they been following my blog since the beginning of lynnamentals? Maybe the FBI told local authorities about the blog.  I mean they were circling me so much it was as if i was in Chicago.

  Maybe they thought because it was night time I wouldn't be able to see them.  Maybe they were testing Government equipment where they have invisible paint for cars and they were testing the new tool on a tool they thought. Why would they be reading my blog? That's like ceasar reading the law of Moses or like me reading their mail or reading their health report. My blog isn't good enough to be reading for enjoyment. Maybe they read my blog to see how  a anchor can invoke such delusion in their eyes. Maybe they were entertained by the blog ; entertained in a joke is on me type of way.  Maybe there were  black or a mexican american police officers that were following me last night because they read  the part where I said the media shouldn't be pro black. To explain: The reason we have Obam in office is because the media was pro black who wants that? I'm willing to be t if Obam never got in office lynnaluvers would have never existed. Not to mention ratings are in race. I said this in lynnaluvers. Meaning the more anti black you are the the higher your ratings will go (who wants archie bunker to do the news).

   What am I suppose to do again I ask? Do they expect for me to stop lynnamenting?  I don't hate police and to ask do I hate police would be like asking the great anchor does she hate blacks because a blogger insist that she's a conspirator. If they followed you every day of the week hired homeless guys to follow you and do things to annoy you and inject anti lynnluvers lynnamental attitudes in the people I come around  so that I'm the bad guy you might think I hate the local police.  I'm glad someone is reading my blog yet it baffles me still that such a amateur type of blog can gain so much attention from the texas city police. I know police officers like watching the news too but does that mean I stop being a blogger?

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