Thursday, March 19, 2015

The Restaurant Story pt 1

 Not only did the police cars 1843 and 1841 appear but also appeared was a silver SUV waiting outside of the other side of the restaurant. Tonight march 14th 2015 A bald headed  officer came into the restaurant  with a dark black guy  and from what I heard I was too far away to listen; he asked  the closing manager (someone Im betting had something to do with it) was there a white guy who came in the establishment just now because  they were looking for him. Apparently the white guy  ran  from a taxi without paying(I could spend a whole blog critiquing that story).  The obvious questions  are did Lynna Lai or Brian Duffy put them up to it?  Were they recording me when I passed the police cruisers If so, then why ? What was the grey SUV doing there as I walked away from the property?

 A week or so ago Lynna Lai was talking about accidents at work with granite. Could it be  that she's planning for me to have a "accident" at work and part of the accident involves the local PD here in Texas? Maybe it's the FBI that wants me to have a accident at work. Maybe one day they'll come in when all the guess are gone and shoot me  and convince the co-workers that I didn't  work there and have me buried under a tree some where.  Of course the great one  had something to do with it and of course if not her then her cohorts but even before the police came in the restaurant while it was open there were Asian Americans in the restaurant. Maybe that was a sign to let me know that the great anchor was up to this some way.  I'm betting they were recording me as I left. Ive recorded police officers lots of times since Ive been ostracized. Its like the anchor black balled me so that the police would harass me or maybe someone is so upset that I left the state on the basis that the great anchor is god that they have the police harass me. Therefore I had to record them.  Who knows how many times they were or are going to appear in my life. I'm betting they appear in my life more than they appear in child  sex offenders lives or illegals lives.

 Some would say recording the police is disrespectful . Yet I believe its a life saver. Of course they would want someone to record them who they are friends with like the great anchor Lynna Lai and company but isn't that why the local PD feel like they can Bogart  and bully because they're amongst friends and because they're bullying blacks a group of people that are viewed as bullies. Who knows what they can get away with now but think how much more they can get away with  if every black male was discredited. They could arrest every last one of us in America , kill us, rape and molest our kids  and not one friend of theirs would blink an eye. Yet this time the camera was in their court  I assume and the question  is again why would they record me ? To show  how much of a good worker I am? Maybe the powers that be don't believe I'm at work so they had to record me. Car 1843 and 1881  knew I worked there  because police cruisers always for the most part appeared  after work  but never sitting outside the restaurant.  Maybe they want to record the fact that I'm working for the simple fact only then they can call me a bum because I have a job and I still sleep on the streets and not sending any cash to my family like my kid. ...More to come

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