Wednesday, April 8, 2015

shadow of police maybes (spm)

  When ever I see the police  I ask my self who has died ? Who has died to make the police want to appear was it someone  in their camp and they want to know if I was involved so they appear where I am or was it someone I know  and they are so happy  they want  to smile in my midst? Who can work when you have those type of thoughts? Therefore, maybe someone has died and I don't know it yet. The reason I say this is because Last time I wrote about the police coming inside my work environment they came in during closed hours just to ask questions. Well yesterday  April 7th 2015 two uniformed  and who knows how many plain clothes officers came in the establishment and ate. This was a special day because not only was the police eating where I work  but quality control was there.  Now all last week while the great anchor  was off (notice I didn't whine about her absence)I did have the local police in my shadows  but never did they come eat at the restaurant while I was working.

 It's like roman soldiers coming to eat with the multitude while jesus fed the multitude.  Now am I suppose to believe that the anchor  put all this together and undoubtedly more to come or could a Lynna Lai hater be influencing the local texas police dept to stay in my shadows? Am I so happy the anchor is back that I can't believe she would persuade the local authorities to shadow me this much? Am I that delusional?  Could it be far fetched that the officers were just hungry too? The argument is like saying homeless people need a home too! Yeah, they need a home but if you ask any developing city they'll say "  the homeless need a home but not in my city".  Its the same  way with the blogger . Police officers need to eat  but shouldn't they have police restaurants or is every restaurant a police restaurant?

  Maybe the great anchor put the laws on the restaurant table because I was at  wkyc table or maybe her return  was so welcomed  that she beat her competitors  and they orchestrated  the police appearance for vengeance.  Maybe the persuasive one is finally getting a cult following  and members of the group are police associates and they hate my blog. Maybe the bosses at MSNBC were told by other persuaders  that they had to hire Lynna Lai soon and for revenge they had the cops shadow me by eating where I work. Maybe it was the restaurants doing seeing that they wore the same color on the same day that the great anchor wore red. Maybe they work for the anchor or maybe the anchor works for them.

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