Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Zimmerman and Lai Favored

    Maybe I’m wrong but I’m seeing one reason why our favorite anchor is advocating the local police and it has to do with Zimmerman the Police Trainee and Martin. When I first saw her reports associating herself with the police I just thought it was  a repellent move, back when she used to work for 19 she used to say things just to throw off viewers or get them  upset or to get viewers to not watch. That’s what I thought her reports onthe police were but it’s deeper than repelling a news anchor fan. It has to do with showing appreciation before the feces hits the fan.

Right now the media is gradually getting us ready for the not guilty verdict  and it’s only so that those that can control themselves won’t go out and act like a non-citizen. Yet there will be those that will try to disturb business of cities all across the nation after this verdict Im guessing and because of this Lynna Lai understandably must  salute the police.
     I was a pretty young when Rodney King got the million dollar beating but I did some research and when the verdicts of police that were charged with his beating were out many Asian-American stores were damaged because of the verdict and I’m betting that Lynna has  been talking to some mediums and or just knows that it’s going to be another riot after the Zimmerman trial and she has to program the people that  the police are not the bad guys it’s the people that are destroying her families business.
  When I got evicted and the media master got word of it and looked at my living quarters in Akron I can bet she started to think of the LA Riots the only thing about this, is that I owned the house, since I was a kid. In my mind the deed will always be in my name not to mention when you have drug dealers and or sex offenders living around you, you’re not really motivated to fix the home you live in. That being said could it be the connection with the Zimmerman Trial and my eviction  are very close, No one knows who started the fight with Travon and Zimmerman the police trainee or Me and Lynna Lai, personally I didn’t even think I was fighting until I got pulled over by the Asian American officer for no front tags. If I could pin point exactly what set Lynna Lai the master of local media in Northeast OH off I would tell you but I personally don’t know, maybe it was a combination of things, the one thing I do know is that Travon was a teen, Im not.  Travon probably was enjoying his life and probably wish he could have killed Zimmerman before Zimmerman killed him. I personally am honored to be destroyed by our favorite anchor.  I hope no one finds out what she did and or who helped her unless she wants someone to find out.  I appreciate death by the worlds greatest, it beats getting killed by a nobody. Although, obviously  this  situation I’m in isn’t a literal death but a part of me had died when I loss the house I grew up in and I assume that this is just the beginning, just like it’s the beginning of a new era after the Zimmerman verdict.

  I think this trial my death will only help situations. Although it probably won’t seem like it at first but things will balance out maybe not in my life time and maybe not in my kids life time. it’ll take 17 generations  before things are back to normal.  I hope we don’t make things worse by destroying things that don’t belong to us, instead lets hope we  worship. Now some would say how can I advocate worshipping after all what’s happened to you?  If we don’t worship we are likely going to want to go to war; and at this time worshipping is better for us. The God of Jacob has favored Zimmerman and our Great newscaster and there’s no denying when someone is favored you let the the tides of favor take it’s course. Don’t get me wrong I’m happy Lynna Lai is favored I think it’s long overdue but the differences from Lai and Zimmerman aren’t that big.

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