Monday, July 1, 2013


I remember like it was yesterday, Lynna Lai mentioning that she was Japanese American on 19 Action News. She even talked about it on WKYC If my memory serves me right after a report of a Chinese farmer. This brings me to the point of Lynna Lai saying she was Chinese at the Asian American festival. Why did she change ethnicities? Was she talking to an all Chinese Crowd? Why didn’t she say she was Chinese on 19? Is the Japanese Origin more acceptable to business American owners than the Chinese Origin? I know some might ask during this time of Independence Day week is my subject really patriotic and the answer is yes. The Chinese and Japanese are a part of this country  and their population is growing therefore if we are to be patriotic we must not forget the current growing population more specifically The first Consistent Asian American Anchor in Cleveland.

  Could it be the reason why Lynna said she was Chinese at the 2013 Asian Festival and not on 19 is because she doesn’t see her self as either yet she see’s her self as just American therefore she lied to show the public  that it doesn’t matter what she is, her brand is more powerful than her ethnic background. That sounds Like Lynna Lai Devising a plan to belittle her race in a way that no one knew she did it. But it could have been just a 19 Action News call, they  could have bullied her into saying that she’s Japanese American and now since she’s parted ways she has more freedom to do what she wants. 19 Could have nothing to do with this and WKYC could have  made her say she was Chinese American just like they made Ann Curry leave the Today Show. Now with all these ideals You have to ask your self whose the bigger bullie CBS OR NBC? 

 Speaking from a blacks point of view it’s easy for me to categorize Lynna Lai as Chinese or Japanese American since Ive been categorized as African American. I along with everyone else must accept that Lynna Lai is more American than most Blacks in the country because of her quality of life (we’ll talk more about that soon). Now one could only wonder if blacks  would of never have  came to the New World  would Lynna Lai along with all the other Eastern Asian Americans be categorized or would the Irish, Germans, Italians, French and the Spanish  accept Lynna Lai as being White?


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