Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Lynna Reports About Homes Before I'm Evicted

Not even two months before I got evicted our god reported about a Veteran getting a new home after he got evicted or after he got his house taken away because it wasn’t  up to health code.  They knew what was about to happen.  How long did they know it was going to happen?  Was the veteran an actor? I don’t think so I was sitting right behind him in court a month or two before I got evicted and he seemed genuine.  But I can’t go by what seems, seeing that I saw our media master as Lynna. Notice I didn’t say genuine, I think that’s why I was so persuaded by her newscasts because you could sense she wasn’t who she was.

  Getting back to the veteran losing his house, am I suppose  to be upset that the leader  of neo newscasts traded fans I guess. That’s how I see it Our great Lynna Lai or her family members possibly instructed the city officials to kick both of us out and since I’m not a liberal pro black person in their eyes they would feel justified to destroy a better person I’m guessing. Maybe  I talked anti-ethnic  in my blogs and in my tweets, but I only tweeted or blog what Ive seen our news media condone.  I hope they still aren’t upset about that article “ gone just like that” or that other article about Rick Abells(now author) first feel in. Who got the better bargain; even though I don’t think my deal is finished yet but if it were, who got the better deal. Did I get the better deal with a lost of a home yet still the capability to watch Lynna Lai and a new Job with less thug culture or did Lynn Lai and company get the better deal a new fan, less talk about Lynna and better people?  I would have to say Lynna and company got the better deal because they’re moving forward I’m moving backwards and I would assume will continue to move backwards until I’m dead.

    I don’t know how I feel, should I feel  happy that the veteran has a new home because of me possibly or should I feel  relieved that I was able to witness our dreamcast god orchestrate a brand new home owner  and delete a bad owner this with such elegance. I might not have what I had last year but I sure hope Lynna Lai and her comrades have what ever they lost because of my worshiping.  Worshipping can be so strong that not only yourself  can get killed but it can kill a entire community.  My question does the new home owner worship news anchors and does he appreciate the new formats on the news?  At the end of the day my house wasn’t where the heart was I was infatuated with our Landlord, Lynna and because of that I think of Lynna and nothing else and therefore I got nothing else.

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