Monday, July 1, 2013


I was just wondering in the existence of being a dead beat dad is the father really a deadbeat dad if he asked the woman to marry him as soon as she tells him that she's married? Am I really a stalker? If I run away from the great news anchor; if I run away from the newscasters where abouts not toward? Am I really a Anti-Christ because I don't go to church and the reason I don't go to church is because of their pro- government standings and their Pro Democratic leadership? Am I really who they say  I am? On this week of July 4th where our fore fathers began this country our great Lynna Anchor has got me thinking about the eviction of myself and how I have became a conspirator.  Does it help myself? No, absolutely not but does weather personnel help the newscast all the time? Not comparing myself with the weather casters but in this new world I'm venturing into I have to assume that just like a Weather Woman I'm talking about whats happening. People are allowed to assume anything they want it's America but because of our assumptions we are rightly so doomed to an unknowing future. This would explain my current livings. My question is how much does the great newscaster know? So much that she avoids doom; More importantly how long has she known it?


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