Friday, July 5, 2013

Neglecting Article

To neglect is to leave unattended to disown . In this article I'll taking up the subject of my personal neglect and how I  might of picked this spirit up. Not showing your kid right from wrong , not giving them support  when they fail or win  and not showing them how to lose is neglectful and I would have to say that Ive been neglectful to my kid. This is a huge discovery. 

 Could it be the spirit of neglect has been haunting me every since Ive been alive and able to comprehend the news. Has Lynna Lai been so persuasive that Ive been neglecting and the behavior has created a child that isn't accustomed to reality? I would have to say no; even though I would like to fantasize that Lynna Lai is so breathtaking that she pulled me away from my only begotten and that her power is that of a magnet. But, the truth of the matter is , that there was some issues before I knew Lynna Lai was on TV.

  For instance do I really have the right to teach him about morality when I had sex before marriage, and how strong would my moral guidance be seeing that his mother is a professed atheist has more influence and had more influence since the beginning. Would my input be sabotaged every time I try to tell him something or teach him something?

 I truly believe the reason I'm a neglectful parent is because it's a losing battle. A battle for his well being for the long haul is not for me to fight ,especially after his mother got married. The government the people Lynna work for may say that I'm neglectful and I couldn't argue with that  but they would have also said that I'm endangering the kid  if I gave him corporal punishment for his bad behavior. Don't forget many parents went to jail  in the 80's and 90's  because of this form of punishment. Now those same kids that the media, police officers were trying to protect are put in jail. It's a losing battle and now the fathers are being arrested for taking their own children . So lets say on this day I wanted to put some positive remembrances inside my kid , some memories do you really think Lynna Lai and company would let me? Don't you think if they are willing to evict me wouldn't they be willing to frame me for kidnapping my own kid? What aren't they willing to do to get me to stop talking about Lynna?  This brings me to a day in the past where I stated that Lynna Lai is a god and people got upset at me but is she not; and Im not being sarcastic when I say this but doesn't she have the power or her associates have the the power to plant and to root out in a humungous way. Can't she delete a file of mine and or pay someone off to ignore a file. I say she's a god and people can't handle it, then I say she's gonna have me killed and people still can't handle it.

  In closing we have to accept what has happened and prepare for what's going to happen I say this all the time. Maybe this was a blessing in disguise , what if I was emotionally attached to my kid like a normal parent? Don't you think Lynna Lai would sabotage that connection? It would only be logical to disturb anything I have a connection with wouldn't it? Ive come to the conclusion that maybe neglecting is a recipe to bring about what has been stalled.

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