Friday, July 26, 2013

Chicago Monitor

 Not a day after I posted my Zimmerman article the building that I live in starts having an Asian American monitor.  Now where I live now has larger population of Asian Americans than  summit county but it’s still too much of a coincidence.   They are the future of America and I accept the future because our great media master Lynna Lai is the core American that will lead us to what we haven’t experience in this media world. I probably would have been more agitated if it was a black male with thug a attire yet it still agitates me that our great anchor and her team sponsored someone of Asian-American ethnicity to come to my living quarters and so soon.

 When I first saw him he looked as if he might be a student yet still students can work for the powerful planners.  I didn’t say Hi to him but I could sense his antennas became more sensitive when he first saw me step in the building.  Lets hope that  he  does his Job well no matter what he does even if he is here to have me killed, lets hope he makes our killer in our dreams proud.
  Maybe he’s here so I can be so agitated and or paranoid that I leave and when I leave the living quarters  I’ll be homeless and then she can have someone kill me and have my body missing until it decomposes.  She does have associations in Chicago which has a very large Chinese population that hates my kind and would do anything for our favored reporter.  I wonder does our Asian American monitor whose in the building have Chicago ties? 

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