Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Redeeming of the Pink

When I first saw Lynna Lai in the USA Today I was stunned, I couldn't believe that the one we've been talking about for so long was in a huge national publicized newspaper then I saw the colored version of that night that Lynna helped with the Dejesus Miracle and besides the fact that Fox 8's favorite reporters' Husband was next to her she was wearing a Pink blazer too, the same pink blazer she wore when she started anchoring on WKYC on the weekends. What does that mean?

   On my way out of the area of where our favorite anchor had me Ostracized I believe I noticed a white Nissan SUV and in it was Lynna in my opinion and she was smiling as if she knew something was about to happen. Could she have known before hand that Dejesus would be found hence her smiling as if she knew a new plateau was ahead? A new beginning. Yes a new chapter started when she begin with WKYC but it's my belief and I believe it's hers that a new chapter begin with her when I left. Maybe she feels like Akron is her town and its offensive to her for me to live there maybe she hired someone to buy some houses so she she could get rid of me. What ever the reason I wonder will she wear a pink blazer on the day that I die. Not saying she'll know when I'm dead but coincidence has been very liberal recently why wouldn't it be on my death date?

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