Sunday, April 12, 2015

Be careful

"Be careful sir"; said the lady loudly outside the window of what looked liked a grey/ silver toyota prius. Sounds like a citizen being concerned with her fellow human being but obviously it's more than that. Although I couldn't see who it was  as I was walking away from from work saturday night april 11 2015 I have my suspicions. The middle of last year  and a little of this year I mentioned  that grey/silver cars had it in for  me and it was possible  that the greatest anchor  might have influenced  or pushed a grey/silver car agenda against me.  Therefore, what happened last night  might be partly  of the grey/silver  car agenda (as i finished writing the word agenda two grey cars just passed me).

Why would someone say be careful to a stranger in the middle of the night?Was i carrying myself as if I wasn't being careful? I doubt if it had anything to do with the greatest anchor but what if the "be careful sir" statement was a warning on what I write? What if the grey lady was saying be careful on behalf of the local police dept? I didn't say anything back to them because I didn't know who it was but am I suppose to be extra careful now since the lady that warned me  to be careful at night said so?  Was this a threat to be careful? Was it a restaurant employee that said be careful or someone who was hired by the restaurant which was hired by the great anchor and or the local police.

 The crazy thing about this when I was told to be careful I didn't see the police presence like I usually see when I walk from the job. What does that mean and why did the lady use the word sir?  Thats a word that's used when you want to be polite. If you're yelling out a window is being polite part of your motivation? I doubt she wanted to be polite I think the word sir is a play on words. I use the word sir a lot while at work maybe when she was using the word sir she was mocking me. This means she knows me or knows about me. In closing I doubt she wants me to be careful I think she wanted to say more but couldn't for some reason.

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