Saturday, February 21, 2015

coincidence conspiracy

Thanks to the Lady in the black with a dog named max that brought me food very nice! What happened to my keyboards happened a month ago.

 What a coincidence people are coming to Texas for a tech conference  and my keyboard doesn't work! No L's No A's, not even an N.  Letters that do work are  M,U,S,I and a M. Maybe a Muslim sabotaged my computer keyboard. Seeing that Cab drivers do pass me a lot and not a lot of them seem to be born in the states.  Could Lynna the great have hired the Muslims to sabotage the blogger or maybe the great anchor hired a Christian to hire a Muslim to sabotage the keyboard.

  I wrote so many articles there are hundreds of reasons why my keyboard got screwed. Because the reasons are beyond numbers lets put ourselves in the great anchors shoes what would Lynna Say?  "The keyboard sucks, Its old,  stop crying like a pansy, buy a new a computer! You don't deserve a computer you're homeless". Last but not least "you're delusional"!  I would agree my computer is old   but theres too many coincidences. I mean a tech conference and you can spell muslim./musim but you can't spell Lynna on the keyboard. Some would say I would blame the Holocaust on Lynna!

 I know Its bad timing with this ISIS occurrence  but one can't just keep thinking coincidence when a computer keyboard stops you from typing Lynna Lai. It'll be like a black guy thinking its coincidence that the police are following him or a coincidence that Hitler is becoming more accepted than Rick Perry. If the blogger says Lynna Lai is persuasive  or the best anchor in the world over 300 times in three years that must mean I hate the anchor or that I'm not a fan. But if a blogger says she sucks and that 19 and her have a great fit together I'm a great American Fan. Society is cynical!

Why do we treat whats obvious like a mystery  and we treat whats questionable like a fact. This is how Obama got in office and how Cosby got his name destroyed.What I'm saying is that isn't it obvious that the anchor or her cohorts are manipulating the keyboard. Maybe not her directly but someone that works for her or someone she works for. How many stories has NBC did on Muslims. How many negative stories have they did on ISIS? How many stories do they hide? Do I need to type Lynna Lai ?  Thats a whole new article!

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