Saturday, February 14, 2015

Luv Will Get You Killed

  Some say love hurts I will even have to go a step further and say love will get you killed. During this valentines day love is in the air or the appearance of love is in the air and with that I'll share with you my view on the love  that everyone gets so enthused about. Theres all types of loves. I shared that in lynnaluvers the luv that i was trying to channel  was a fake type of love not a snarky love but a love that isn't real hence the reason i spelled love l-u-v instead of the correct way. No matter what type of love we have for someone or something it can get you killed. I mean look at me lynnaluvers got me put on the curb and eventually it might get me killed.

Some would say love is kind and it's merciful, Some would say that God is love but in my book and from my experience love is deadly.  Look at Jesus he got murdered because he loved human beings.  Look at Brian Williams he didn't get murdered but he got put on suspension because those who work for NBC love or value media integrity (what ever that means). Last but not least Breitbart; he got killed because he loved the truth . Yes with out a shadow of a doubt if you love watching Lynna Lai  during the weekdays theres a price one must pay i believe and it might be that the price is death maybe not yours or mine but someone elses.

In closing i believe if I would have named the blog lynnalusters or lynna losers the death of lynnaluvers and the death of myself wouldnt have come. Yet theres something about the word love even if it's spelled wrong; Maybe theres a stigma connected to it.  it will definitely put you in a extreme position. Just the other day i was walking down the street with socks on and no shoes; my shoes were annoying me and i said to my self, Self aren't you glad you made lynnaluvers? If I didn't would I be in Texas walking down the street with no shoes? Isn't that what this is all about when we mention love an extreme condition. it's my belief that people love a certain lifestyle or a certain energy that they are willing to go to war for it. Could it be far fetched to say that love creates war? Did lynnaluvers create a war unknowingly?

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