Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Ted Theory

  Ive written alot of articles  when the luvers blog was around and one of the subjects that I  wrote was about the Ted Williams Homeless story  (The guy with the golden voice). I basically said that Lynna Lai and the media was better than that story and that he was better than Cleveland. . Just like the great anchor is  better than channel 19 (their changing their name).  Could this be the reason I was Ostracized ? Did the the powers that be  get emotional after I said the homeless guy was better than Cleveland?  Which is to say I guess better than Ohio. Could this have sparked a campaign against the blogger?

  Maybe this was one of the ingredients  of my blacklisting? Because I didn't believe  the great one was 19 material  but wkyc material   and maybe that didn't sit well with Duffy,Applegate and his henchmen.  Maybe they were appalled that I could write that the golden voice had a better voice than some of their male news anchors. Are they that small, I mean they did suggest it when they kept making a big deal about the guy. Maybe they were offended because they have family members that are homeless and to say that the news was better than the Homeless guy is to say the news was better than their family members. Perhaps they saw where I live  and thought that I deserved to to be homeless like Ted Williams. Maybe they saw similarities.

 I can't say it was irresponsibe for me to write about Ted Williams in a way that seemed like he deserved better. But it wasn't Pro Ohio and during this era I can see there are a lot of Pro Ohio folks. I mean look at Brian Williams he has ties to Ohio. So maybe it wasn't just the Ted Williams article but it was a a combination. I mean can you visualize Brian Williams reading what I wrote about Cleveland him being associated with Ohio. I mean maybe he was so offended he put some things in motion seeing that I had an entire blog saying that Lynna Lai was better than him basically and on top of that so was the Golden Voice. To me it wasn't a big deal since i just blog. I mean how much weight does a blogger have. But what if Williams the anchor took it harshly and vowed to ostracize me or what if  Lynna Lai the anchor connected with Brian Williams the anchor to get rid of not only the blog but also the blogger.

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