Thursday, January 29, 2015

Bus Cops

    Some people might say real fans of the great anchor drive cars and for someone to insist that Lynna Lai would have her hand in conspiring with some the local bus transit and the police is ridiculous. Then others would say why doesn't the blogger get a car sense you see the police on the bus as a negative. Then one wouldn't be concerned with the bus drama.

  Of course real fans of the anchor have cars and they even have houses. But one could say that I lost those two by watching the anchor or blogged about her until everything moved around me.  Now whats a real fan  someone who loses their house over the anchor.someone who barely buys from the great anchors advertisers or someone who owns a car and house.

It does sound odd for the god anchor to be involved with the this cop/bus scenario I wrote in "sleep". Yet I'm willing to believe that the powerful people such as the anchor get turned on by destroying people who aren't like them (we're in a age where  everyone  has to be the same). Therfore, to conspire a bus transit to call the police when ever they see me on buses is not so far fetch and who knows  maybe it's a way to keep tabs on where I go. 

  See with a car it would be worse . Cops would have the ability to follow me exactly where i travel. They would stop me every chance they get. They'll probably even break my tail ligh or flatten my tire when ever i made an article they didn't agree with. How bad would my articles have to be to have her hire a cop to hire an illegal to crash into me down here in Texas?  Another plus about bus versus driving my own car is that it's harder to shoot someone on a public bus. If I'm in a car you could pull the blogger over respond like he has a gun and start responding with gun fire. Of course if you're waiting on a bus Lynn Lai could respond by having a police officer hire A drive by while im waiting or even have someone stab me or have someone use a heart attack gun. It might seem like i'm more vulnerable riding the bus  yet i feel like cars create problems more problems where it's less public involved where the law can get away with things  (while im writing this a white bus car #UT111 is sitting right in front of the restaurant i'm eating at). Maybe that's the goal to keep me on the bus or walking so that those conspiring feel more in control.

In conclusion this bus drama wasn't what I was expecting. It would be like  every time Lynna Lai steps out of her house she gets followed by someone she doesn't  really trust. (Here's a question does the anchor trust the police and would she trust them if the police put her race or gender  in a lifestyle that's unhealthy). Maybe the great anchor is being followed and this is how she's dealing with it or maybe the Federal Government is just infatuated with both of us and I can only see from my stand point. 

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