Sunday, January 11, 2015

Sugar Bowl 2

What a coincidence; I insist that my murder is inevitable since Ohio State had to play Alabama  and what happens  the fans of Ohio State along with the team move closer to where I breathe my air during these times. obviously my death hasn't occurred yet could my judgement be right?That the government orchestrated Oh to not only come to New Orleans  but also Dallas? Dallas the same place JFK got killed! Therefore if they can kill the President and get away with it they can kill anyone.

  How coincidental that the game is a battle of the O's  the same alphabet of Obama.  One can't help but suspect  that the entire unfolding was part of a government conspiracy.  A Lynna Lai conspiracy. Maybe not a conspiracy  to my physical death. but the death of the old blogger. The death of the spirit of lynnaluvers and maybe if the spirit of lynnaluvers goes the physical shall go?  Maybe the Dallas trip will be like a museum activity. "lets go see the lynnaluver who turned into a lynnamental"!Maybe i'm feeling the death of myself since the Ohio State win  because lynnaluvers is still alive.

  At the end of the day lynnaluvers and talking about Lynna Lai was all worth it.  Even after a cop car 4434 located me while i was trying to dodge the cold elements I still feel like it was worth it.  The only way I would say that lynnaluvers wasn't worth it is if a kid dies or lynna lai disappears because of the old blog. Its just like JFK don't worry about what the country can do for you and indeed I can look back and say I wasn't worried about what the great anchor could do for me it was what she could do for WOIO or what WKYC could do for the anchor! Because of my writings and my beliefs  I must never physically go to Ohio and on that note welcome to Dallas, Ohio state do what you're Destined!

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