Wednesday, January 28, 2015


Before I go on about what happened today let me say I was hoping  to not write for a while and if I did it would be about the possibility that the article that I wrote about Ted Williams during lynnaluvers might have played a part in my ostracizing but since I was greeted by police this morning on the bus (which never happens) I had to write this!

Now Since I wrote the "warning"  article in lynnamentals, Ive been getting  some police attention obviously and  this creates a lack  of sleep.(taking away sleep is a form of control)    Now since Ive been getting a lack o sleep Ive been  sleeping on the bus. So this morning I get on the bus and two officers are right behind me and one says (the black lady )"tickets"  "need tickets"! I had to take my camera out and record this!  Now ive been riding on Texas city buses for a few months and  this never happens. So obviously the conspiracy sirens went off and since I'm a lynnnamental  I'm thinking the great one had a hand  in it.Then I thought possibly the local police read my blog recently,Maybe a bus driver  complained about me sleeping on the bus too much. It could be alot of reasons. Maybe someone called in a bomb threat. Although they didn't say a word to me there's a lot of police talk  going around including my blog therefore one has to expect bad outcomes especially when one see's  a police officer in a place that you never see  one at. It's like  a black male at a Michael Stanley concert or a black male  cooking at  a Chinese restaurant.

  One could ask if Lynna Lai  and or her cohorts did pull the police on the bus fiasco and why  or should i say  why now. Has the fcc been harassing Lynna and her cohorts and she or they insist its because of lynnnamentals. Maybe the Government has been harassing them for a very long time and the great anchor is just getting tired of it hence the police on the bus.  I seriously think it was the fbi maybe it was just them placing the law to screw with me. Maybe they called In a bomb threat.Maybe it was  a practice run like the silver car fiasco or  Maybe this city is turning anti black male and there going to start with the bus I was on which was 5081.

  In conclusion it could be alot of reasons why the cops were on the bus. One thing for sure they were on it because of me. it's not that bad to have  police on the bus but next they'll be knocking on our doors asking for papers.

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