Tuesday, January 20, 2015

warning story

  So  I sat on the bench around 10:30am maybe a little earlier than that. I fell asleep  and what do I hear when waking me up and still sitting up? "Excuse me sir can I see some ID" (How is it legal to card someone for sitting on a bench unless I fit the description)?  I forgot it's illegal to be black and on a bench sleeping.  I give him the card  and he comes back and says "it's good that you haven't gotten in any trouble ".  What does that mean ? Then he says "I'm going to give you a "warning" because a cop did catch you a few months ago  sleeping by the train tracks" (what he felled to say it wasn't a Cop they were COPS on the train tracks, giving me a warning.  It was like i broke the code of FT Leavenworth).

      Here's the questions did one of Lynna Lai's friends put him up to it or did lynna lai her self put him up to it. Did Lynna Lai's ex co anchor Duffy put this into action. I just saw a report he did where he was reporting about the Brimfield police officer leaving the force so there must be a connection with police and him. Am I just mental and he just saw me on the bench and felt like he had to pull me over?

The last question I posted isn't mental at all because local police have been following me  every where I go, so to say it wasn't part of a conspiracy  a Lynna Lai conspiracy would be delusional. One doesn't have the Police follow the subject for months and think its just coincidence that they stop you. Therefore I would have to say yes the great anchor and or her cohorts had something to do with my "warning" Why would they have something to do with the warning car 1873 Gonzales gave me? Because of the comment he used 'it's good that you're not getting in trouble".  I said this in sugar bowl 2, and that's if they can kill Kennedy they can kill anyone. If they can kill Kennedy the President of the united states they can get me in trouble.  So when Gonzales says it's good you're not in trouble I suspect he's saying I/we can get you in trouble.

  Thats the main reason cops follow me, the main reason why news station vans used to follow me, the reason why there are plants  influenced by the local authorities. It's because they want me in trouble. they want to say see what happens when you watch Lynna Lai. See what happens when you say she's god.   This is what happens when you produce lynnaluvers and lynnamentals. Maybe its not the fact they want to make the lynnaluvers dream come true. But they want to mock the dream, Maybe mock it into a reality.

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