Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Patrolling Threat


   When I started to leave Ohio How would I have known that the Locals of every city I'm in would be stalking me?  Would I have made lynnaluvers.com If I knew the Cops would be on my heels like they are? Maybe the local authorities are on my back because they've read my last few articles and they feel like its a threat? Lastly maybe the Cops are on Lynna Lai's tail and since they are she've ordered the cops to follow me.

  I definately would have made lynnaluvers.com if I knew the Cops would be on my tail after I got Ostracized. That would be Like a Police Officer  stop pulling people over just because one of his partners got killed. One thing that Ive come accustomed to is death is extremely close in my surroundings and therefore we can't stop who we are just because Lynna has cop connections. Would my blog have been so offensive if I would of stopped with a certain article before late 2012? Maybe Lynna Lai feels like I'm stalking her and therefore she's returning the favor.
Once again I'm far away why would she be threatened. Once again maybe she's not; yet she's pretending to be to get what ever she wants.

    Maybe my blog is such a threat that they had to fire people. I get 10 viewers a week on a good day that comes to my blog currently; how is it  a threat?  Lynnaluvers.com got over 100 views a day and I didn't get that much attention  from local PD. Then again; I didn't step outside the house that much either. When you have news anchors suggesting that they're going to have me killed who wants to step out side? You can't step outside when you blog about a News anchor Involved with a deadly dream you had.

     I just heard about A CNN anchor talking about how her and her children were being threatened on twitter recently. Does or did Lynna Lai feel threatened when I wrote my conspiracies on lynnaluvers.com and lynnaments.blogspot.com How many times did Lynna Lai report about black dads being murdered or kids being killed or a man being put in Jail for being online? I didn't call the Cops to stalk her. Maybe it's because she programmed a strong connection with her and the Cops therefore me calling the cops would be like me calling her.

Maybe lynnaluvers.com was threatening careers and when ever you threaten someones career you threaten their life. Since lynnaluvers.com threatened someones life indirectly by threatening peoples careers they thought it would be justified to suggest that I'll be dead soon and or in Jail. Which is where we are now with the Local Police. Lastly we might be a threat because last year or 2012 everything I wrote came true  or if I commented on Lynna Lai's facebook page someone would die the next day. Maybe that was a threat to them, Maybe Lynna and wkyc/woio orchestrated the deaths and made it seem like it was because of my blog or facebook comments to make me look like a delusional.


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