Sunday, February 16, 2014

Feminist Videos

Valentines Day just passed lets talk about what I love and how what I love was stolen from me. Im speaking on my Lynna Lai videos. I had over a hundred videos with me when I left Ohio and 80% of them are gone.I guess that's what happens when you move you lose things. I can hear Lynna Lai saying "you not only lost the videos you lost your mind"! Goof"! I think I probably deserve it since I watched too much Lynna in the past and my videos possibly got Ann Curry demoted along with Lynna Lai.  I just posted a Video with her Talking about Erectile Dysfunction. Last time i did this she got canned but'she's on WKYC so she won't get canned this time! We're suppose to be in a Feminist Society people.  With that said, seeing that one of her bosses was possibly a feminist (Debra Pando) The video shouldn't have gotten her the ax!

  The Video shouldn’t have gotten her the Ax and my blog shouldn’t have gotten me kicked to the curb . But that’s the life we live in we can’t predict the future but we sure can create the future. Who would of thought that my blog would have created me losing my Lynna Lai vids indirectly. Who would of thought
That making would have gotten Lynna Lai fired. Who would of thought that my blog would have put Harry Boomer and Catherine Bosley to replace Brian Duffy and Lynna Lai? I watched too much Lynna Lai but does that mean she gets canned? Don’t get me wrong Im really happy she’s on WKYC but again was my house worth it?


So no one in their right mind is going to say that losing a house is worth watching Lynna Lai! So does that mean I’m delusional to say that I should lose a lot more. My house along with my life and my kids life is equal to watching Lynna Lai I would of said or believed a year and a half ago. So what is worth watching Lynna Lai? What are you willing to give up to watch Lynna Lai? Are you willing to give up your life or kids life?: Is watching Lynna Lai worth going to prison for?  Is she worth it? I hate to say it but some people would say yes. She’s worth it and I think that’s what makes people angry that she’s worth dieing over or destroying their own lives and other news anchors or meteorologists aren’t. Maybe when I’m dead or looking at death I’ll change my mind and attitude. Don’t get me wrong she can’t replace my kid no one can do that but I believe a feminist wouldn’t want kids to have their fathers around so actuality I’m following feminists beliefs we live in a feminist society and Lynna Lai is one herself although I can’t say I am one , I’m following one of their unwritten beliefs that to create a more powerful female society in America kids shouldn’t be subject to their father because it would create a stronger family and if a stronger family exist the movement of female superiority won’t continue to flourish and if female superiority doesn’t continue to flourish Lynna Lai won’t Flourish.

Maybe I’ll touch on this subject more in the future

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