Thursday, May 30, 2013

Questions in a Trance

It’s much easier to talk good of someone or worship them if they are beautiful.  It’s easier to attack people  if they are ugly. It’s extremely hard for a sensible ,normal person to attack someone verbally or physically for no reason.  Which brings me to this article of how lynnaluvers was easier to make especially since I was under a trance.  It’s my opinion that all troubles are neighbors or relatives to trances and it’s in my experience that writing in the midst of trouble or trauma  is extremely difficult. Trouble as being ostracized from my humbly habitat and not just that but the fact that lynnaluvers  subjects stations probably had a part to play in the entire operation.

   It’s obvious that Lynna Lai would be in agreement  with anything that had to do with being toast which would have an association with myself being evicted but why was it so hard for me to see it coming and if I saw it coming could I really do anything about it? Another question that should be asked is after all this has the trance broken; has the infatuation  of the pioneer  anchor been destroyed; I mean isn’t that what it is all about, killing the infatuation?

  As the new stage begins in my own life it’s easy  to go back and look at her last day at WOIO and come to the conclusion or realization that they have been planning this all along, which shouldn’t be an offence to myself but if we look closer and dig deeper  we’ll notice it’s a snarky good gesture. The plan should destroy the Lynna Lai fan but in actuality the trauma/trouble induces more questions. Questions that should provoke my tiny little brain (compared to Lynna’s) for a lifetime and as time moves on, I’m willing to bet the questions will continue to compound not to mention all of the questions  that Ive been asking on  Just off the top of my head,  “The Gone Just Like That Article” had to help with motivating the eviction procedures.

  I Digress for now but until next time let’s ask ourselves was the eviction balanced. A rag tag home that I’ve known for over 30yrs  balances out to at least two evictions that happened before Lynna Lai even got fired/Evicted. In her last report on WOIO 19 Action News she said something about balance, that word has a whole different meaning now.

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