Saturday, May 25, 2013

Eviction Notice

"There goes the Helicopters flying over my house again", I would say to myself every since  Lynna Lai got fired it seems like those helicopters were flying over my house a little bit more than usual especially after every newscasts during the weekend.  Who would of thought that during my days that those helicopters would have anything to do with the change that I would be witnessing.  On the month  of may 2013 I was evicted because the house I was in wasn’t  livable according to local government officials.   I saw the hole in the wall and the wires that weren’t professionally done , I could live under those conditions but as months came closer to may it seemed more helicopters were circling my old bungalow and with each month it seemed as if the roof was deteriorating faster.  Could it be that our killer had termites thrown from the Helicopters or hybrid termites thrown out of these helicopters to make things move faster or to leave no chance of things being fixed.  I’m not saying that it’s her fault that  I got evicted but what I’m saying is that it is a possibility that she or someone she’s associated with helped with the process.

  I mean they had to have some hand in it because  Lynna Lai’s new station WKYC  always had a saying before  the news started about falling in love with your home, not to mention her competitors about a month ago gave away a brand new house.  This just isn’t coincidence in my opinion it had to be planned.  The question is why was  this planned?  Could those I offended be so  angry that they had to evict me? Was the old website so offensive that people not only got fired but they also got evicted?  Questions I don’t have the answer to but I would probably have to accept the fact that it is a possibility that some people did lose their house because of, I think the difference in my getting someone kicked out of their house and me getting kicked out is mine wasn’t intentional.  When I wrote the focus was about the Lynna Lai and even if I offended someone to fire someone or get them evicted was absolutely not my place.  If I would of known that I would of gotten someone evicted or kicked out of their place by my writings I would hope I wouldn’t have made lynnaluvers.

      Now that being said I don’t think I personally appreciate the house that I was living in because it was basically given to me which is basically the story for about  seven of the owners or ex owners of the street. Which means I basically don’t know how it feels to be without a home which means I don’t know how it feels to or what it means to take away or have someones living quarters taken away from them and because of that lack of knowledge it’s easy for me to write what I see, think what I see or believe with the attitude of, if it hurts someone, so be it.
 Because I don’t know or am numb to the fact of being emotional for a strangers life being changed forever  because of my blog I would have to assume that those who are in power definitely will want to see my “Dreamcast” article I wrote in come true.  If there whole focus was to evict me the next stage has to be jail and then death. My question is why didn’t they skip the eviction and go straight for the juggler?   In a report  that Lynna Lai did last year a group of men were charged with conspiring to blow up a bridge and just last month she reported about a guys body found in pond wearing betty boop underwear. (If anyone has read my 2011 blog I made a comic strip or an association with betty boop and Lynna Lai).  What all these men had in common was that they were evicted from their homes. Therefore maybe they have to make sure that  I’m unhinged before they can follow through with  their next step of the "DREAMCAST".  Im betting these guys were persuaded to move in this direction after they were evicted and I’m betting Lynna Lai and her peers are trying to work in the same direction with what they are doing.

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