Tuesday, May 21, 2013


The last year of my time writing about Lynna Lai in lynnaluvers.com I knew that eventually there would have to be a spin off, a spawn if you will, which explains lynnamentals. Ive reached the stage in lynnaluvers.com where the only thing I could write about for the most part were negative things and tributes are never to morph into something so negative. I can understand if it was a roast of some kind but to have dreams about Lynna Lai having me whacked or associating her ex co-anchor Brian Duffy with the hacked website wasn't what the site lynnaluvers.com was suppose to be, it wasn't even suppose to have Lynna Lai fired but it did, if you ask me. Since it's gotten to the point where I can't leave my resting quarters  without having people who work for Lynna Lai and or her co-workers worried about me, I came to the conclusion that a tribute wasn't what was needed  now. Ive come to the conclusion that the next stage or the site that would better fit what Lynna Lai and her comrades are after would be something media manufactured subconsciously to the point that it could be labled conspiracy or just plain crazy hence the words lynnamentals.

  We've all heard the saying He or She is mental which means they are mentally insecure. Well during my writings and listening to some of Lynna Lai's newscast Ive come to realize a story get's better the crazier it sounds. The crazier it sounds or the more unfactual it is the more it becomes true or true to what we know is true, because what we know to be true  could justifiably be a lie.  For example we know that Lynna Lai works for WKYC which is a fact because we see her on the station but what if behind the scenes she still works for 19 Action News it's just not documented. What if the reason she's not documented for 19 is because I continued to ridicule the 19 Action News Station on lynnaluvers.com as being unfit to have Lynna Lai on in so many words on 19 Action News. These truths or untruths will be questioned on this site lynnamentals and lets hope that as we proceed we'll see changes continue to take place. There will be lots of talk about lynnaluvers and what association did Lynna Lai and her cohorts have with it's demise not only it's demise but it's lack of focus, What part did it play in it's own demise also. There have been people killed kidnapped, fired and uprooted possibly because of lynnaluvers.com therefore it's no wonder why we've gone from lynnaluvers to lynnamentals. A salute to those who can see what happens before the storm hits and special salute to those who orchestrate the storms.

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