Wednesday, May 29, 2013


For those who have never read DREAMCAST  here's the article.

 It's been an amazing week but nothing has showed it's amazement like the dream I had of the newscaster Lynna Lai. Before I share this dream,sometimes dreams are figures of what one has been watching or doing in real life which manifests it's self sometimes I believe. With that said let us share!
Luvers Dream:   In the dream I got arrested by a police officer and they charged me with watching too much Lynna Lai which lead to low ratings the officer said. In the dream Lynna Lai and Bob Early (WNIR Radio Host) had orchestrated this because I saw and heard them in a Dimly Lit Room and later I saw Bob talking to someone really powerful and proposed that I need to be thrown in jail and killed. I couldn't see the powerful persons face but he made sure the lady judge was on the same page of the others. When I was in the slammer the media placed my pic on the news and said I was arrested for copyright Infringement involving Lynna Lai's News stations. (Channel 19 and 3 of Cleveland).Also in the slammer I saw every guard or authority figure with a letter L T-Shirt under their uniform as if they were working for Lynna Lai.

 I saw Bob (who was controlled by Lynna) as a media visitor talking to some head guard and told him to torment me until I begged for death. I was beaten , harassed even raped by the guards and the inmates. (The inmates  were provoked  to do so by the authorities).  While all this was going on I could see and hear a flood of media personnel local and national looking at me from a remote area. As time proceeded the guards secretly injected me with a fatal virus. I wasn't the only one who died of this virus but a third of the jail population  died by the same sickness.

  After I died Obama had won his second term and Hilary Clinton ran again and this time won four years later. Lynna Lai became a national Icon working on Good Morning America during this time and in the dream Lynna and Hilary were close friends (Lynna even bragged to Hilary about how she killed me) but because of Lynna Lai's resemblance of Monica Lewinsky they started to drift farther apart and eventually President Hilary Had her killed because Hilary Clinton hated Lewinsky. When I woke up from my dream I thought it was Ironic that I died by the great ones input and the great one died by who she thought was great.

  Now I'm not a dream decoder and the reason why I probably had this dream was too much news listening and not enough watching. I said it once or twice and I'll say it again; this blog will be the death of me and because of that I urge readers to not place the blame if my dream comes into existence, instead of losing energy use the hateful emotion to celebrate the same media medicine that killed the lynnaluver by doing what you love even if those whom you may worship may lack your passion.Our Potential Lies in what you love the most.

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