Friday, June 14, 2013

Deadbeat Dads

  On this New Page of my life during fathers day I am wondering and pondering if the mother of the media considers Dead beat dads and if so how? It's to my experience that since Ive been evicted and ostracized from my little guy, it could be understandable that Lynna Lai doesn't hold dead beat dads in high regards.

  The reason why she wouldn't and doesn't hold dead beat dads in high regards is because of the excuses they make . For example one of the Legitimate excuses I make is that I'm uneducated therefore there's no way I could provide the way Lynna Lai the mother of the media would expect . With that excuse who wouldn't ostracize me, even though it's legitimate. The mother of worlds media  doesn't except failures , losers or loser excuses especially since she loss her employer at 19 and didn't complain.

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