Saturday, January 4, 2014

801 Minds

  Hundreds of minds against "the lone blogger".  Some would ask how did I come up with that number 801? I came up with the number from the idea of at least 20 associates of Lynna Lai  in each station  involved  with my ostracization around the country. How is it that a nobdy blogger can get his favorite anchor fired  by writing a blog yet it takes "801 minds" to bogard? I totally doubt it was just my blog  that got the great killer anchor fired , it was probably a combination of things  and hopefully in the future I can touch on them.

     Is my mind that strong that I can have her fired  all by myself? Is the great anchors mind so weak that she needs assistance  from "800" individuals? I personally think that Mrs. Lynna Lai didn't have a choice in the matter of my ostracization.   If she works for the government  do you really think they asked her  " do you need some help with your fan problem?"  It's like a legalized gang probably ," you blog about her  and we all will have a hand in  ostracizing you blogger!"

   Maybe the great one did have a choice and instead of getting her hands dirty she got a few people  involved and those few people evolved  into the entire T.V media society of the country.  For example before I started   was Ann Curry fired from the Today show?  Did Kaity Tong get the weekend gig before or after?  So maybe  my allegance of east asian news anchors turned into a curse. Its like I was digging  for liquid gold  and all I did was destroy gas pipes.

  I'm coming to think maybe the "801" minds weren't called by the great Lai but by me.  Maybe I called "Candy Man"  too many times and he appeared . Here's a question  if Candy Man represents my Ostracization or the people who had a hand in my ostracization  what will represent my death and will the "801" minds have a part to play in that also?

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