Friday, January 10, 2014

Sancturary Lai

  This guy said on the train that he came to a point where he was happy that Jail was his sancturary, his sancturay? A place where you worship, a place where you pray is jail and you're happy about it? I have to bring this up because in I mentioned that the great anchor will have me put in jail in the future. Who would want to have jail be their sancturary, I don't care how many restless nights or stalkers are on my heels I could never ag
ree to have Jail/Prison be my sancturary. My sancturay is my old home that I had to depart from.

    I used to talk about celebrity worship all the time in , could you imagine celebrity worshipping without any space or privacy? With out any new outlook of worshipping?  How could prison or jail be my sancturary without Lynna to watch? The only way I would probaly beable to watch Lynna is through my imagination. Im beginning to believe that's the main reason I was ostracized so that I can practice to become Lynnaless or practice worshipping without Lynna Lai on the tube. First it was the weekends now its maybe 6 minutes a month on a good month. Next It'll be just the images,videos and or the words that have been said by the blogger killer. I'm not saying that I belong in a sancturary without the god but I can understand why they conspired it that way.  No one wants to be blogged about day in and day out I suppose (she's a anchor though). Yet it's just like when Lynna Lai was on WOIO she sometimes mentioned that her audience was targeted to a certain group of people and not me. This blog is not targeted to Lynna Lai it is for me persoanlly and for those who find it a entertaining read.  Which brings me to thinking what happens when I'm completely Ostracized from the world will this blog be destroyed by her soldiers (Exscuse me as a gay guy hovers over me in public; might be one of  Lynnas)?

  In closing if people can worship gods without the god being actually there it is possible that one could worship without watching Lynna. I guess it's Psycology 101. But who wants to eat a air sandwich when the meat is right around the corner? I'm afraid if Jail does become my sancturary I unintentionally will create more followers and will my fanaticism become stronger. I'm coming to think that it won't, seeing that since Ive been ostracized Ive been blogging a lot less about her. Ive even loss my analytical writing character since she's been on WKYC. I can remember I used to analize every little thing  she or Duffy did on 19 now It's like it doesn't even matter.  I guess as years pass the only thing that matters is that she's back on the anchor desk even if im away forever at least she's on WKYC as a anchor where the future can get a glimpse of the pioneer.




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