Friday, January 17, 2014


How coincidental that ABC has a show called "KILLER WOMEN". Even though I never saw it they say it's not as entertaining as it sounds.  Because of my assumptions that Lynna Lai will have me killed, I have to ask the question If I had never forecasted Lynna Lai as the killer of the blogger would the show be even called "KILLER WOMEN". Maybe this is premonition that she'll be going to an ABC station pretty soon (hopefully national).

  When I first proposed the idea or my dream that she was going to have me killed because of my blogging I would have never thought the movie community would have a hand in this too. Yet we have to assume Hollywood will have a hand in my death seeing that the great anchor is associated with SAG (screen actors guild) Now. Also we have to recognize that a Chinese business man has bought a large amount of theatres. Could the reason "KILLER WOMEN" is the title of the show is because of the New Chinese owner of theatres in the USA? She did say she was Chinese, yet that's like putting me in a box with all the blacks that are in Jail. If she has ties with the Governor of Ohio it's logical to assume she has ties with the Chinese Owner of USA theatres; seeing that Politicians do business with business men from other countries.

    This is all connected to my death and the advancement of our killer. Although it might seem like it's my fault that this happened since I made a blog called and forecasted that Lynna Lai will have a hand in my death and it might be; but to make a show with a title of one of my titles? Why didn't they put up a title like this before my blog was made? Maybe I inspired them. We all know about inspiration, seeing that Lynna Lai inspired I can truly say inspiration can be deadly.

 In closing lets hope that this is just a clue on the fact that Lynna Lai will become a national anchor pretty soon. I doubt it's just a clue  but we can only hope and conduct ourselves in a way that mirrors that hope. Who am I kidding; the death of the blogger is the most interesting of articles Ive written. The anchor that I blog about is going to have me killed! Who wouldn't use at least one title from the blog in their movies or TV drama?

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