Wednesday, June 19, 2013


  When Jimmy Dimora was on trial or should I say getting exposed, the great anchor Lynna Lai was no where to be found. You would have to think that after the Dejesus Miracle Lynna Lai fills vindicated. This brings me to the question of how P'd off was Lynna when she got kicked to the curb right around the Dimora trial.  With that being said it explains how the planning of my eviction was such a focus.

  Think about it you're a news anchor/ reporter who is on the verge of  focusing on the biggest political scandal in the city not to mention the main person you're focusing on is a womanizer and an Adulterer supposedly which makes the focus a lot better if you're a feminist I would think and just like that you get the pink slip. The Dejesus

 During all the planning of the Dimora exposure you would be right to think that the mother of the media would be agitated because of my talk about the anchor. It's like putting a spot light on a undercover cop that's about to bust a big time human trafficker. This would explain why she has a hard on for police officers that and Duffy might be a police associate and or her CIA pals are her nudging plus she's trying to get back in good with Duffy so that maybe in the future she can get her Job back. How was I suppose to know she's a undercover Cop and once again if she's a Public figure my talk of her shouldn't be offensive and by her getting me evicted would explain the fact that I possibly did offend her. My talk did get her fired but once again who am I? Is not 19 strong enough, confident enough finacially fit enough to withstand my chatter about number one Lynna Lai or was my talk offensive because it came from me a guy that was living in a bungalow, a bungalow my Grandmother gave me mind you. 

When i saw the Great Anchor in thursdays USA TODAYS news paper All I could say is "THATS LYNNA LAI" but as I continued to look back I saw that this was a redeeming report because she got kicked to the curb right in the middle of a huge story in Cleveland 1yr ago and because of this she had to be vindicated. Now the question remains, what else did she lose that must be returned?

Don't get me wrong my talk of the anchor wasn't suppose to be negative but it seems that as time proceeded the Media Giant became more sarcastic which made my blogging more offensive. At the end would I have done it all over again, the answer is yes if we see the great one anchoring on a national news on a daily basis, yes. 

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